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HID Installation (Car headlights) Notes

  1. Don’t remove the safety cones before installing Xenon bulbs and touch light bulbs with your hand.
  2. Please do not cut high-tension line , Ballast output transient voltage for 23KV.
  3. Ballast should not installed the place where overheated in the car. (Since the internal ballast of electronic components for the best working environment between -20 ℃ -75 ℃, and the car engine room temperature is usually at above 90 ℃).
  4. Do not install ballast from water place nearer; such as water tanks nearby. (Excessive humidity will lead to the leakage and aging ballasts).
  5. Placed in a better permeability position to allow air flow to reduce the ballast temperature.
  6. Don’t place the ballast far away the bulb, to prevent reduce the line pressure caused of light does not shine.
  7. Don’t winding the part of the high voltage lines of ballast, in order to avoid too large a magnetic field and the impact of electrical equipment.
  8. The original car headlamps 10A fuse replaced by 15-20A, in order to avoid excessive starting current when the original car fuse fused.
  9. When light lit, should not hand-tuned the bulbs in order to avoid burns and electric shock.
  10. Each xenon lamp startup current is 8.5A, may cause short-term protection of sensitive electrical.
  11. Please do not direct view after the lighting, so as to avoid eye pain and vision obstacle.
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